Tips for families with children

We love parents, children, and families! Just one of the ways we show our love for all of these is by encouraging and equipping families to enjoy the worship service together on a Sunday morning. While we offer several other ministries and resources for each of these individually throughout the week and during the Sunday school hour, we feel the Sunday worship service is a special time that is meant for all members of the family to experience together.

Parents are blessed to have children, and children are blessed to have parents! We love seeing babies, toddlers, children, and teenagers sitting together with their parents. One of the most loving things we can do as a Christ-centered church is to equip parents in their God-given roles with their children as well as help parents to fully experience the joys of parenthood!

Tips for enjoying the worship service with your children
  • Have your children get a drink and visit the restroom before the worship service. This helps minimize the amount of trips in and out of the sanctuary during the service.
  • Worship with your children. Encourage them to read along, sing along, take notes, listen carefully. Helping them learn at a young age to listen well, sit still, and pay attention will serve them far beyond two hours on a Sunday morning.
  • Be sure your children bring their Bibles with them and help them locate verses.
  • Encourage note-taking. If there is an outline, help them fill it in. Review it later in the day.
  • If your children are accustomed to watching/playing on a tablet or smartphone in other settings when they are sitting for over 30 minutes (during the sermon portion of the service), it is okay for them to do this during church. Please do not choose the worship service to try to break your children of this habit if that is what they are already accustomed to. The important thing is that your family is experiencing the worship service TOGETHER. We encourage parents to be patient in the process of getting their children acclimated to the environment of the worship service.
  • Help your children get to know others in their church family during the greeting time. This will make them feel more at home.
  • Utilize the various levels of coloring pages available at the Resource Table in the back of the sanctuary.
  • Please do not allow children to play in the aisles or climb on the pews.
  • If your children need to use the restroom during the sermon, please instruct them to walk along the sides, NOT down the middle aisle.
  • Feel free to transition downstairs to the Family Room if you and your little ones need a little more room. There you can watch the livefeed of the worship service and utilize the extra space and kids activities (puzzles, kid’s table, coloring pages, etc.). The 5-minute greeting time before the sermon can be a great time to make this transition.
  • THE LORD’S SUPPER (COMMUNION): We encourage parents to not allow their children to partake of the Lord’s Supper, unless they have verbally professed their faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior in such a way that the church leadership is aware of it. We want every soul to understand the significance and reverence of Jesus’ body and blood shed for the forgiveness of sins, represented by the bread and the cup.
  • Worship with your family throughout the week. Set aside time during the week to sing, pray, read the Scriptures. Family worship not only helps you disciple your children, but it also helps Sunday mornings not be such a shock to their systems. Your children need to see that your love for God goes beyond the walls of the church on a Sunday morning, let them see it throughout the rest of the week!
  • Start preparing Saturday night. Ensure that your family gets plenty of rest the night before in order to have enough time Sunday morning to prepare and arrive on time for church.