Sunday School Classes

Our Sunday School classes meet 11am. These classes provide opportunities to focus on specific topics such as: theology, apologetics, marriage, family, parenting, membership information, Q&A, new believer’s classes, and more!

There are also children’s classes (ages 4-10) upstairs in the children’s classroom. We have a wonderful team of teachers, led by Jan Davis, who love the Lord and love teaching our children about Jesus Christ and His gospel message!

For teens and young adults, we encourage them to attend the adult classes, as we highly value diversity of age groups in our classes and believe firmly in the benefits of younger generations learning from older generations as a normative experience in our church.

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Here is the schedule for our current series

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Marks of a healthy church 15-week video series and discussions of what constitutes a healthy-biblical church

The church wasn’t our idea—it was His. Jesus established the church as the natural arena for our spiritual growth, and our health depends on it. In this series, Dr. Mark Dever and Dr. Jonathan Leeman survey the marks of a healthy church, where we are called to display God’s glorious character in unity, holiness, and love. We can’t do it alone.

  1. What Is the Church?
  2. Expositional Preaching
  3. Biblical Theology
  4. The Gospel
  5. Conversion
  6. Evangelism
  7. Membership
  8. Discipline
  9. Discipleship & Growth
  10. Leadership
  11. Corporate Prayer
  12. The Great Commission
  13. Missions
  14. Raising Up Leaders
  15. Reasons to Join a Church