Is Your Depression Caused by Idolatry?

Have you ever held onto something with your hands as tightly as you could while it was being ripped away from you at the same time? This is essentially what happens when we commit idolatry and suffer the depression that is sure to follow in the aftermath of losing an “idol”.

Idolatry can be defined as valuing a gift more than the gift-giver. In the Biblical sense, idolatry is anytime people find their hope and happiness in something (or someone) that God created instead of finding it in a reconciled relationship with the Gift-Giver who created everything and everyone.

Many times our idols take the form of: relationships with loved ones, favorite possessions, our physical health/bodies, money, and fame. These along with any other examples of fleeting pleasures in this world may satisfy us for a time, but no matter how much effort we are able to put into preserving any of them from leaving us, their departure is inevitable.

God gives us many things that are inherently good from His creation (Genesis 1:31), but we must be aware that every single moment we value the gifts of God’s creation more than a personal relationship with Him, is idolatry.

As Christians grow in their understanding of what it means for their relationship with God to be their primary source of hope and happiness, it will result in them being less depressed when some of His good gifts are taken away. Yes, we can live without our loved ones, favorite possessions, money, and our aging bodies. However, the one thing we cannot absolutely live without is God’s sustaining grace both in this world and eternity.

In conclusion, keep a loose grip (figuratively speaking) the best you can on all of the wonderful gifts God has blessed you with, and when it is His time to take them back, your hands won’t hurt nearly as much than if you were gripping them with “white-knuckles”. Also, your hands will also be better prepared to receive whatever God has next for you!

Cling to Christ as Christ clings to you, because He will never be taken away and He will never let you go. He provides forgiveness and eternal life to all those who put their trust in Him. Nothing you hold dearly on earth can do the same.

Sincerely as someone who treasures Christ,
Pastor Corwin

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