Preview of Matthew 6:19-24 “Look how much I have!”

This coming Sunday we will be studying Matthew 6:19-24. In this passage, Jesus teaches about a 4th form of self-righteousness that is common to man; the idolatry of material possessions. Jesus has already addressed 3 other forms of common self-righteous behaviors: self-righteous giving/charity, self-righteous prayer (piety), and self-righteous fasting (expressions of humility).

The idolatry of material possessions is so common that there is an entire false teaching that preys upon those who suffer from it, this teaching is called the “Prosperity Gospel”. The prosperity gospel teaches that one can measure their righteous standing before a holy God based on their current state of material prosperity and health. If they are living a life full of health and abundance, then that must mean that God is pleased with them. If they are living a life full of sickness and poverty, then that means that God is displeased with them for some reason.

Matthew 6:19-24 is another wonderful reminder of God’s greater love and grace in that we are to measure our righteous standing before a holy God based on one factor; faith in Jesus Christ as the complete atonement for all our sins! It is through faith and trust in Christ alone that we are promised treasures in heaven which are given to us by our “Father who sees what is in secret and will reward us”.

As you go about your week, remember that all that you have in your health and wealth can be taken away at any moment. If and when that moment comes into your life, it is then that your faith will be tested as far as whether or not you have been focused more on storing up treasures on earth or storing up treasures in heaven, which last forever and can never be taken away.

I hope you can join us this Sunday to hear this message of God’s love and grace that is abundantly given to all those who place their trust in Him!

Grace and peace to you,
Pastor Corwin

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